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Curvy Winner


Curvy Winner


Curvy Winner

Protect Me

Her Space, Small Space

Civil Pride


Career Day

Her Space, Small Space

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Contemporary Folk Artist

Welcome to JCarolArt!(JCA) An exhilarating art extravaganza from a mixture of over thirty years in painting, living life and traveling. JCA combines her passions to interpret the world and educate our youth by producing exquisite art pieces that possess powerful and symbolic meaning. JCA is a Contemporary Folk artist with a vast collection of acclaimed works of art, such as the “Curvy Winner collection” and the “Her Space - Small Space Series”. JCarolArt's signature art style consist of vibrant colors, bold compositions and captures special moments in life. Thank you for visiting my gallery, I hope you enjoyed JCarolArt.

JCA is currently exhibiting at the Kroma Gallery located in Coconut Grove, Florida. She also exhibited at the African American Heritage Cultural Arts Center in Miami Florida, The Coconut Grove Art Fair, Deering Estate - Affair En Plain Air Art Show, Gifford Art Stroll in Coconut Grove, Uptown Avenue 7th Street Art Bazaar in Miami Florida and Miami Women's Club. Fabulous Women Inc commissioned JCarolArt.

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